The Biosciences program at MAJU is designed for students of both engineering and medical background. It aims to provide students with a composite skill set of basic fundamentals and cutting edge skills of modern health and biological sciences. The program shall provide strong academic foundations to students with subject specific as well as skills which harness their potential to pursue their careers in a myriad of sectors in the existing local and international market, academia and research setups.

Currently, there lies an ever increasing demand of “Interdisciplinary/ Composite Curriculams” in life science and its importance has drifted the demand for such programs to slowly replace basic sciences programs which has been focused on singular subjects. Biosciences is a broad interdisciplinary term which includes harnessing of biological processes and their application in daily life. The BS program intends to train students with cutting edge science, healthcare, business, and computer skills. A student of Biosciences at MAJU may choose from two streams i.e. Biotechnology and Bioinformatics.

On completing the program, student shall be able to adapt his/her career path in numerous sectors including advanced biological science research, software designing, diagnostics, academic teaching etc.

Aims and Objectives

  • To Train Students with Expertise of Modern Techniques in Biosciences Avenue
  • To Create Critical Mass of Highly Skilled Minds, Able to Work and Adjust in a Wide Range of Professional Environments
  • To Come Across and Match the Current Demand of Industry
  • To Enlighten and Polish Youth with Prospects and Niches in Biotechnology and Biosciences Sector.

Career Opportunities

The beauty of Biosciences sector is its “Integration and Diversity” which makes it possible for its students to opt careers from a variety of interdisciplinary sectors including:

  • Academia
  • Administration in Health Services
  • Agri-Business and Fertilizer Sector
  • Business Development
  • Bio-pharmaceuticals R&D, Manufacturing and Sales
  • Clinical Research
  • Contractual Research
  • Diagnostics
  • Environmental Protection and Monitoring Agencies
  • Epidemiology
  • Food Industry
  • Healthcare
  • Information Workers and Consultants for NGOs and Policy Making Bodies
  • Research Projects and Organizations Working in Tropical Disease Research