The Department of Finance has its unique philosophy to nurture the minds of accounting and finance students as complete beings by providing them with the theoretical and practical knowledge which will promote their self-reliance and assist them in understanding, exploiting and, when necessary, in changing their environment – with a view to empowering them to contribute effectively and meaningfully to the collective task of building a democratic and developed nation. Department of finance offers undergraduate program with the name of BS Accounting and Finance.

The objectives of Finance Department, which derive from its philosophy, are to:

  • Provide basic knowledge and skills needed for the understanding and analysis of problems related to the management of industrial, commercial, public and other human organizations.
  • Equip students with the skills required for identifying and defining problems and taking appropriate decisions, using scientific techniques and tools.
  • Inculcating in students an awareness of, and sensitivity to, environmental factors and conditions and their impact on accounting and finance practices and decisions.
  • Develop in students’ leadership and interpersonal skills which are needed for working efficiently and effectively in organizations in order to achieve optimal uses of scarce resources for maximum benefits.