FYP Poster Session SP17-FA17

FYP Poster Session SP17-FA17


January 30, 2018


Mohammad Ali Jinnah University is providing world class quality education in the field of Management Science, Economics, Finance, Social Science, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Systems Engineering. The Chartered Inspection And Evaluation Committee for Govt . Of Sindh have ranked Mohammad Ali Jinnah University as “Five Star”.

The core purpose of the session is to bridge the gap between the corporate sector and the academia for introducing the latest upgraded trends in the Information Technology. Our target market would not only specifically the Software Houses but, also the Multinational Sector, Banking Sector, Pharmaceutical Sector, F.M.C.G Sector , Automobile Sector, and Universities as well.

The projects displayed would depict a strong image of Mohammad Ali Jinnah University that our young talent is capable enough to set a benchmark and prove themselves par excellence in the field of Information Technology . This Session would provide ample of Job / Internship / M.T.O Opportunities for our graduates and students.