MAJU & AKMUH Seminar on World Health Day

MAJU & AKMUH Seminar on World Health Day


April 10, 2017



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A seminar on the eve of world Health day was organized on Health Care with Agha Khan Medical University Hospital at MAJU auditorium. Addressing to the seminar, Assistant Professor, AKMUH, Dr. Faisal Wasim Ismail informed that over one million peoples die from disease caused by Hepatitis B & C every year. He also informed the reasons of spreading Hepatitis disease and estimated number of people affected by it worldwide. Dr. Faisal Wasim Said that Junk food is a silent killer and eating junk foods can lead to hepatitis, abdominal pain and obesity / fatty live disease. He told that people should avoid drinking water including beverages with ice of unknown purity, uncooked shellfish, uncooked fruit/ vegetables and food where quality not known. He said that it is general impression that use of soft drink after meal help the digestion is completely wrong. He said that one bottle of soft drink means that you have taken 25 tea spoon sugars which may lead toward diabetes and other diseases. He asked the people that instead the use of mineral water, boiled water at home is more useful for them.

He emphasized to avoid foods that increase gastric acid secretion such as alcohol, tobacco, pepper, caffeine, tea, coffee, and chocolate. He informed that 25 per cent patients examined by a G.P. suffer from a gastrointestinal disorder while 20 per cent population suffers from Irritate able Bowel Syndrome. (IBS). He expressed his concern over use of Gutka and Pan Masalah among youths which is the main reason of spreading mouth cancer disease.