Seminar on Python language

Seminar on Python language


March 15, 2017 - 2:30 pm


March 15, 2017 - 3:30 am


MAJU Auditorium - Campus 1   View map

Computer Science department Organized a seminar on Python language.


  • Syed Muslim Jameel
  • Trainer of Python language at virtuosoft

Mr. Muslim Jameel joined academic as faculty member in 2013 and appointed as lecturer at computer science department Hamdard University and later Sir Syed University of Eng & Technology. He is involved on Final Year Projects as technical expert and supervisor in different universities and institutes. He is teaching android for last two years at SSUET, ApTech and also on Aurat Foundation projects sponsored by USAID. Before joining academics he was assistant Manager Material (IT) at Karachi Marriott Hotel for two years.     His areas of interest are : Big Data , Cyber security , Deep learning and Intelligent applications. Syed Muslim Jameel is also Ph.D (scholar) of Software Engineering.

Mr. Muslim Jameel discussed about the importance of Python language and the trend shift towards the adaptation of python language. He said that python language is now used by many organizations and research groups working on Big data and machine learning. Many online course offering organizations are using python language as core language for the data science and machine learning courses Like Microsoft and google.

Mr. Muslim Jameel highlighted the key areas for the jobs in industry where python language expertise are beneficial and conducted detailed discussion on the industrial aspects of python. He discussed the language constructs and object orientation of python language. The steps to install the python tools and editors like pycharm , Anaconda were discussed. He said that python language has complex data type that is an extra feature of python, also the language syntax and constructs were discussed like conditions, loops, functions etc.

Event Coordinators:

  • Fouzia Naz
  • Saif Hassan
  • Muhammad Suffian