The Department of Finance and Economics offers a two-year MS program in Economics & Finance, which equals 18 years of education. This program is in line with the Higher Education Commission (HEC) curriculum. The MS in Economics & Finance is an Applied Economics degree geared towards students who wish to pursue their career as Applied Economists in commerce, financial institutions, stock markets, government and academic areas. In addition, an excellent preliminary training will be provided to those who wish to pursue further research for a PhD in the areas of Economics & Finance. The demand for such a program has been apparent to us for quite some time and we have developed the curricula keeping in view the challenging needs and problems of our country, and those of the world in general.

Admission Requirements

  • Sixteen years of schooling or four-year of relevant education after intermediate with minimum 50% marks or minimum CGPA 2.0/4.0.
  • MAJU Admission Test or HEC Approved Test.


AreaCr. Hrs.
Core Courses12
Elective Courses- Economics06
Elective Courses-Finance06
Thesis/ Elective Courses06

Core Courses

Course TitleCourse CodeCr. Hrs.
Advanced MicroeconomicsEC50003
Advanced Research MethodsEC54003
Theory and Practice of FinanceFN53203
Advanced MacroeconomicsEC50103

Elective Courses

1. Economics

Course TitleCourse CodeCr. Hrs.
Advanced EconometricsEC50303
Advanced Mathematical EconomicsEC61003
Issues in Pakistan EconomyEC63103
Advanced Development EconomicsEC63203
Advanced Monetary EconomicsEC63303
Islamic FinanceEC63403
Labor EconomicsEC63503
Public FinanceEC63603

2. Finance

Course TitleCourse CodeCr. Hrs.
International FinanceFN53103
Advanced Portfolio ManagementFN65003
Contemporary Issues in Banking and FinanceFN65103
Financial EconometricsFN65203
Advanced Financial DerivativesFN65303

Deficiency Courses

Course TitleCourse CodeCr. Hrs.
Introduction to Business FinanceFN23003
Basic EconometricsEC41103
Business EconomicsEC10203

Research Thesis (Only for thesis students)

Course TitleCourse CodeCr. Hrs.
Thesis Phase-IEC64003
Thesis Phase-IIEC64103


Semester - 1

Course CodeCourse TitleLec. HrsLab. HrsCr. Hrs.
EC5000Advance Microeconomics303
EC5400Advanced Research Methods303
FN5320Theory and Practice of Finance303

Semester - 2

Course CodeCourse TitleLec. HrsLab. HrsCr. Hrs.
EC5010Advanced Macroeconomics303
ECXXXXElective I (Economics)303
FNXXXXElective I (Finance)303

Semester - 3

Course CodeCourse TitleLec. HrsLab. HrsCr. Hrs.
EC6400Thesis (Phase I)303
ECXXXXElective II (Economics)303
FNXXXXElective-II (Finance)303

Semester - 4

Course CodeCourse TitleLec. HrsLab. HrsCr. Hrs.
EC6410Thesis (Phase II)303