The Department of Finance and Economics offers a two-year MS program in Economics & Finance, which equals 18 years of education. This program is in line with the Higher Education Commission (HEC) curriculum. The MS in Economics & Finance is an Applied Economics degree geared towards students who wish to pursue their career as Applied Economists in commerce, financial institutions, stock markets, government and academic areas. In addition, an excellent preliminary training will be provided to those who wish to pursue further research for a PhD in the areas of Economics & Finance. The demand for such a program has been apparent to us for quite some time and we have developed the curricula keeping in view the challenging needs and problems of our country, and those of the world in general.

Career Prospects

  • The Master of Science in Economics & Finance (MS-EF) program offers a professional graduate course of study designed to provide competency in fields of Finance, Economics and Research.
  • The MS-EF degree program is both decision and policy oriented and focuses on key aspects of modern business in banking and finance.
  • It also prepares students for a variety of leadership positions not only in the field of Finance but also in the field of Economics such as different applied and research roles especially in central bank (SBP) and simultaneously in commercial banks.
  • The MS-EF program graduates can pursue career towards financial consultancy with special focus on research skills acquired during their course of study.
  • The graduates of MS-EF program (due to its academic and research vigor) also have opportunities in the Academic side such as teaching in higher educational institutions.
  • The MS program in Economics and Finance is designed to prepare graduates for managerial and administrative roles in business, industry and government on the national and international levels.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  PEO-1 To provide in depth knowledge of economic theories related to economic growth, investment and consumption.
  PEO-2 To provide awareness about current economic condition of Pakistan and the world.
  PEO-3 To make students aware about theories of accounts and finance practices.
  PEO-4 To update students’ knowledge related to latest banking rules and regulation.
  PEO-5 To make them well-versed to carry out research independently.
  PEO-6 To train them about the skills of operating economic, financial and statistical research software

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)


Students be able to describe theories of Economics and Finance.


Students can critically analyze economic and business environment of Pakistan


Students will be able to develop research proposal in their area of interest.


They can use different statistical, financial and econometric research softwares’ to analyze data and infer results.


MS-EF students can understand current trends, regulations and restriction for fair banking practices


They can teach courses of Economics and Finance at higher level.


  • Sixteen years of schooling or four-year of relevant education after intermediate with minimum 50% marks or minimum CGPA 2.0/4.0.
  • MAJU Admission Test/HEC Test
  • Interview


  • This is normally a 2-year program comprising of course works and thesis.


  • Each candidate for the MS Economics & Finance degree is required to complete 30 credits hours with a minimum of 2.5 / 4.0 CGPA.

Deficiency Courses

Course Title Course Code Cr. Hrs.
Introduction to Business Finance FN2300 3
Basic Econometrics EC4110 3
Business Economics EC1020 3

Elective Courses

1. Economics

Course Title Course Code Cr. Hrs.
Advanced Econometrics EC5030 3
Advanced Mathematical Economics EC6100 3
Issues in Pakistan Economy EC6310 3
Advanced Development Economics EC6320 3
Advanced Monetary Economics EC6330 3
Islamic Finance EC6340 3
Labor Economics EC6350 3
Public Finance EC6360 3

2. Finance

Course Title Course Code Cr. Hrs.
International Finance FN5310 3
Advanced Portfolio Management FN6500 3
Contemporary Issues in Banking and Finance FN6510 3
Financial Econometrics FN6520 3
Advanced Financial Derivatives FN6530 3

3. Other

Course Title Course Code Cr. Hrs.
Advanced Research Methods EC5400 3


Semester - 1

Course Code Course Title Lec. Hrs Lab. Hrs Cr. Hrs.
EC 5000 Advance Microeconomics 3 0 3
EC 5400 Advanced Research Methods 3 0 3
FN 5320 Theory and Practice of Finance 3 0 3

Semester - 2

Course Code Course Title Lec. Hrs Lab. Hrs Cr. Hrs.
EC 5010 Advanced Macroeconomics 3 0 3
EC XXXX Elective I (Economics) 3 0 3
FN XXXX Elective I (Finance) 3 0 3

Semester - 3

Course Code Course Title Lec. Hrs Lab. Hrs Cr. Hrs.
EC 6400 Thesis (Phase I) 3 0 3
EC XXXX Elective II (Economics) 3 0 3
FN XXXX Elective-II (Finance) 3 0 3

Semester - 4

Course Code Course Title Lec. Hrs Lab. Hrs Cr. Hrs.
EC 6410 Thesis (Phase II) 3 0 3
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