The program of Master of Business Administration at Mohammad Ali Jinnah University enables students to have a comprehensive knowledge of best recognized national and international practices of management. The plan of the study covers all the complete curriculum from general management courses to specialization in diverse business fields including Marketing, Management, Information Systems, Human Resource Management, Finance, and Supply Chain Management. These specializations help to make the graduates able to apply a balanced experience of their relevant education with the suitable combination of their knowledge and practical skills that apply to make their advancement in the field of management science and also play a pivotal role in identifying the solution for the dynamic world of management.


  PEO-1To establish the students as effective professionals for solving real business problems through the use of business administration knowledge
  PEO-2To develop professional skills that prepare them for immediate employment and for life-long learning in advanced areas of management and related fields.
  PEO-3To develop the ability in the students to adapt to the rapidly changing business environment by having learned and applied new skills and competencies.
  PEO-4To provide the students an educational foundation that prepares them for excellence, leadership roles along diverse career paths with encouragement to professional ethics and active participation needed for a successful career and becoming a valuable member of the society.
  PEO-5To develop entrepreneurial skills among students by equipping them with technological tools, industrial and research orientation.


PLO-1Business ConceptsApply conceptual business foundations to solve practical decision-making problems using techniques such as case analysis, projects and assignments.
PLO-2Critical Thinking SkillsApplying creativity and innovation to recognize, analyze and propose integrated solution to the business problems on strategic grounds by using quantitative and qualitative methods.
PLO-3Ethical LeadershipDemonstrate leadership skills through the ability by setting directions and working effectively with multi-disciplinary teams.
PLO-4Strategic IntegrationRecognize the market needs and develop the strategies to fulfill those needs as per the laws and ethical considerations allowed by the company, industry and country.
PLO-5Analysis and Decision MakingImplement the changes at their level best to improve the efficiency of the organization.
PLO-6Global MindsetAbility to develop a systematic understanding of globalization and its impact on people, businesses and the economy.


  • Sixteen years of Schooling or four-year education after F.A/F.S.C. leading to BBA/MBA/MPA or equivalent. Deficiency courses will be according to previous field of study.
  • Minimum requirement: 50% marks.


AreasCr. Hrs.
Business Administration Core Courses12
Elective Courses12
Research Project/ Two Additional Electives06

Deficiency Courses for Non- Business Graduate

Course TitleCodeCr. Hrs.
Business EconomicsEC-19203
Business Mathematics & StatisticsMG-18103
Financial AccountingFN-11203
Introduction to Business FinanceFN-23003
Principles of ManagementMG-11003
Financial ManagementFN-33103
Human Resource ManagementMG-33003
Development EconomicsEC-20103
Quantitative Research MethodsMG-51303
Marketing ManagementMKTG-40333

Elective Courses

1. Finance

Course TitleCodeCr. Hrs.
Governance, Risk and EthicsFN44503
Advanced Financial ReportingFN44603
Computerized Accounting SystemFN44703
Performance ManagementFN44803
Advanced Financial AccountingFN44903
Portfolio ManagementFN45503
International FinanceFN45603
Islamic Financial SystemFN45703
Financial Risk ManagementFN45803
Advanced Portfolio ManagementFN65003
Advanced Investment BankingFN65103
Financial Risk ManagementFN65203
Financial DerivativesFN65303

2. Supply Chain Management

Course TitleCodeCr. Hrs.
Retail ManagementMG44003
Strategic Supply Chain ManagementMG44103
Total Quality ManagementMG44203
Vendor ManagementMG44303
Warehouse ManagementMG44403
Supply Chain AnalyticsXXXXX3

3. Human Resource Management

Course TitleCodeCr. Hrs.
Performance ManagementMG43003
Public RelationsMG43103
Recruitment & SelectionMG43203
Training and DevelopmentMG43303
Crisis ManagementMG43503
Human Resources DevelopmentMG43603
Industrial RelationsMG43703
International HRMMG43803
HR AuditMG43903
Industrial OrganizationMG53003

4. Marketing

Course TitleCodeCr. Hrs.
Media MarketingMG42003
Personal SellingMG42103
Product ManagementMG42203
Public RelationsMG42303
Retail ManagementMG42403
Sales ManagementMG42503
Services MarketingMG42603
Tourism MarketingMG42703
Global and Regional MarketingMG62003
Industrial MarketingMG62103
Marketing IntelligenceMG62203
Marketing of Financial ProductsMG62303
Packaging & DesignMG62403
Pricing StrategiesMG62503
Strategic NegotiationsMG62603
Virtual Reality in MarketingMG62703
Advanced Digital MarketingMG62803
International MarketingMG62903

5. Islamic Banking

Course TitleCodeCr. Hrs.
Fiqh Muamalah in Banking and FinancingXXXX3
Econmics, Al-Shari’ah and SocietyXXXX3
Accounting and Control for Islamic Financial InstitutionsXXXX3

6. Management Information System

Course TitleCodeCr. Hrs.
Expert SystemMG45003
Information Technology Infrastructure LibraryMG45103
IT Resource ManagementMG45203
Knowledge ManagementMG45303
Operation ResearchMG45403
Advance System Analysis & DesignMG55603
E-Business ApplicationsMG55703
System Analysis and DesignMG55803
ISS-Information systems strategyMG65103
DSS & Business IntelligenceMG65603

Scheme of Studies

Semester - 1

Course TitleCodeCr. Hrs.
Corporate GovernanceFN44603
Strategic MarketingMG52703
Strategic ManagementMG41103
Strategic FinanceFN53003

Semester - 2

Course TitleCodeCr. Hrs.
Elective 1XXXXXX3
Elective 2XXXXXX3
Elective 3XXXXXX3
Final Research Project 1/ Elective 5XXXXXX3

Semester - 3

Course TitleCodeCr. Hrs.
Elective 4XXXXXX3
Final Research Project 2/ Elective 6XXXXXX3