The BS program offered by the department focuses on producing high quality computer scientists with a broad vision and strong ethical values. In order to produce graduates with well-balanced personalities, general awareness of social issues and basic reasoning capabilities are inculcated into students, through a number a general courses in the area of humanities, social sciences, religion, ethics, language and communication skill, along with the core and elective courses of the discipline. The overall program provides a highly conducive environment and an excitement driven approach that encourages creativity to accomplish results. The curriculum for BS CS program contains 5 elective courses (15 SCH). The students are offered elective courses in different streams, so that they can specialize in area of their interest.


  PEO-1Contribute competently in the computing industry by applying requisite technical skills.
  PEO-2Demonstrate advancement in computing profession by enhancing their knowledge and skills.
  PEO-3Demonstrate ethical values and contribute positively towards the society.



An ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science, computing fundamentals and computing specialization to the solution of complex computing problems.

  PLO-2Problem Analysis

An ability to identify, formulate, research literature, analyze complex computer science problems, reaching substantiated conclusions using principles of mathematics, natural sciences and computer sciences.

  PLO-3System Design

An ability to design solutions for complex computer science problems and design systems, component or processes that meet specialized needs while maintaining computing standards, cultural, societal, and environmental considerations.


An ability to investigate complex computer science problems in a methodical way including literature survey, design and development of systems, analysis and interpretation of computational data, and synthesis of information to derive valid conclusions.

  PLO-5Computing Tool Usage

An ability to create, select and apply appropriate techniques, resources, and modern IT tools, including prediction and modeling, to complex computer science activities, with an understanding of the limitations.

  PLO-6Impact Analysis

An ability to apply reasoning informed by contextual knowledge to assess societal, legal and cultural issues and the consequent responsibilities relevant to professional computer science practice and solution to complex computer science problems.

  PLO-7Management Skills

An ability to demonstrate management skills and apply computing principles to one’s own work, as a member and/or leader in a team, to manage projects in a multidisciplinary environment.

  PLO-8Team Work

An ability to work effectively, as an individual or in a team, on multifaceted and /or multidisciplinary settings.


Apply ethical principles and commit to professional ethics and responsibilities and norms of computing practice.


An ability to communicate effectively, orally as well as in writing, on complex computing activities with the computing community and with society at large, such as being able to comprehend and write effective reports and design documentation, make effective presentations, and give and receive clear instructions.

  PLO-11Lifelong Learning

An ability to recognize importance of, and pursue lifelong learning in the broader context of innovation and technological developments.


  • Inter Pre-Medical or FSC/ICS/A-Level with Maths or equivalent securing at least 50% marks in aggregate.
  • MAJU Admission Test or HEC Approved Test.


AREACr. Hrs.
Core Courses60
Supporting Courses18
General Education Courses25
University Electives12
Computer Science Electives12
Final Year Project6

Core Courses (60 Cr. Hrs)

Course TitleCodeCr. Hrs.
Introduction to Computing LabCS12111
Introduction to ComputingCS12103
Computer Programming LabCS14103
Computer ProgrammingCS14111
Object Oriented Programming LabSE14211
Object Oriented ProgrammingSE14203
Data Structure and Algorithm LabCS25101
Data Structure and AlgorithmCS25113
Software Engineering LabCS31111
Software EngineeringCS31103
Database Management Systems LabCS22311
Database Management SystemsCS22303
Discrete StructuresCS26203
Operating Systems LabCS32211
Operating SystemsCS32203
Data Communications and Networking LabCS32111
Data Communications and NetworkingCS32103
Information and Network SecurityCS43103
Digital Logic Design LabCS12301
Digital Logic DesignCS12303
Theory of AutomataCS25203
Computer Organization and Assembly Language LabCS22111
Computer Organization and Assembly LanguageCS22103
Parallel and Distributed ComputingCS32303
Design & Analysis of AlgorithmsCS35203
Human Computer InteractionCS41103
Artificial Intelligence LabCS33111
Artificial IntelligenceCS33103
Professional Issues In ComputingCS42203
Compiler ConstructionCS35103


Computer Science Electives

Course TitleCodeCr. Hrs.
Game ProgrammingCS44303
Data Science with PythonCS47013
Introduction to Data ScienceCS47103
Web EngineeringCS41193
Enterprise Resource PlanningCS41133
Text ClassificationCS37103
Cyber Forensics, Risk, Information ControlsCS43503
Data Warehousing and MiningCS43203
Mobile Application DevelopmentCS44103
Developer OperationsCS44403
Big DataCS47203
Deep LearningCS47403
Computer VisionCS47503
Information Retrieval TechniquesCS47603
Cloud ComputingCS47303

Supporting Courses

Course TitleCodeCr. Hrs.
Calculus and Analytical GeometryMT11403
Applied PhysicsNS12403
Probability and StatisticsMT23003
Linear AlgebraMT22103
Differential EquationsMT22003
Numerical ComputingMT34103

University Electives

Course TitleCodeCr. Hrs.
Principles of SociologySS23103
Principles of PsychologySS23003
Financial AccountingFN11203
Operations ResearchCS24203
Information System AuditCS43603

General Education

Course TitleCodeCr. Hrs.
Freshman EnglishSS11003
Islamic StudiesSS14002
Oral CommunicationsSS21203
Technical Report WritingSS31303
Pakistan StudiesSS14203
Humanities Elective – ISS2XX03
Humanities Elective-IISS2XX03
Management Elective – IMG2XX03
Management IIMG2XX03

Design Project (6 Cr. Hrs)

Course TitleCodeCr. Hrs.
Final Year Project-ICS41503
Final Year Project IICS41603


Semester - 1 (16 Cr. Hrs.)

Course CodeCourse TitleLec. HrsLab. HrsCr. Hrs.
CS1210Introduction to Computing303
CS1211Introduction to Computing Lab031
CS1410Computer Programming303
CS1411Computer Programming Lab031
SS1100Freshman English303
MG1xx0Management Elective I303
SS1400/1410Islamic Studies / Ethics202

Semester - 2 (16 Cr. Hrs)

Course CodeCourse TitleLec. HrsLab. HrsCr. Hrs.
CS1420Object Oriented Programming303
CS1421Object Oriented Programming Lab031
NS1240Applied Physics303
SS2120Oral Communication303
MT1140Calculus & Analytical Geometry303
CS2620Discrete Structures303

Semester - 3 (17 Cr. Hrs.)

Course CodeCourse TitleLec. HrsLab. HrsCr. Hrs.
CS2510Data Structure & Algorithms303
CS2511Data Structure & Algorithms Lab031
CS3110Software Engineering303
CS3111Software Engineering Lab031
MT2210Linear Algebra303
MT2300Probability and Statistics303
SS2XX0Humanities Electives I303

Semester - 4 (17 Cr. Hrs.)

Course CodeCourse TitleLec. HrsLab. HrsCr. Hrs.
CS2230Database Management System303
CS2231Database Management System Lab031
CS1230Digital Logic Design031
CS1231Digital Logic Design Lab031
CS2520Theory of Automata303
MT2200Differential Equations303
MG2XX0Management Elective II303

Semester - 5 (18 Cr. Hrs.)

Course CodeCourse TitleLec. HrsLab. HrsCr. Hrs.
CS3240Data Communication and Networks303
CS3241Data Communication and Networks Lab031
CS3520Design and Analysis of Algorithms303
CS3230Operating Systems303
CS3231Operating Systems Lab031
CS2210Computer Organization and Assembly Language303
CS2211Computer Organization and Assembly Language Lab031
SS3130Technical Report Writing303

Semester - 6 (16 Cr. Hrs.)

Course CodeCourse TitleLec. HrsLab. HrsCr. Hrs.
CS3220Parallel and Distributed Computing303
CS3310Artificial Intelligence303
CS3311Artificial Intelligence Lab031
MT3XX0Math Elective I303
CS3XX0CS Elective I303
CS3XX0CS Elective II031

Semester - 7 (17 Cr. Hrs.)

Course CodeCourse TitleLec. HrsLab. HrsCr. Hrs.
CS4310Information and Network Security303
CS4XX0CS Elective III303
MT3410Numerical Computing303
CS4110Human Computer Interaction303
CS4150Final Year Project I093
SS1420Pakistan Studies202

Semester - 8 (15 Cr. Hrs.)

Course CodeCourse TitleLec. HrsLab. HrsCr. Hrs.
CS4220Professional Issues in Computing303
CS4160Final Year Project II093
CS3510Compiler Construction303
CS4XX0CS Elective IV303
SS2XX0Humanities Elective II303