Application Processing Fee
(Non Refundable, Non Transferrable)
Rs. 1,000/-
Admission Fee
(Payable once at the time of admission – Non Refundable, Non Transferrable)
Rs. 15,000/-
Degree Programs Faculty of Business Administration & Social Science Programs: Business Administration, Finance & Economics and Psychology Faculty of Computing Programs: Computer Science and Software Engineering Faculty of Engineering Programs: Electrical Engineering and Computer Systems Engineering Faculty of Life Sciences Programs: Bioscience and Biotechnology
Bachelors Program Rs. 4,250 / Cr. Hr Rs. 4,750 / Cr. Hr
Masters Program (including BS AF – P, BBA – P, and MCS) Rs. 4,500 / Cr. Hr Rs. 5,000 / Cr. Hr
Doctoral Program Rs. 7000 / Cr. Hr

Fee is based on enrolled Credit Hours. It is subject to revision based on general inflation.

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