All Adjunct Faculty Faculty of Life Sciences PhD. Faculty Faculty of Computing & Engineering Faculty of Business Administration & Social Sciences

Dr. Roshan A. Shaikh

Professor, Dean Academics

Dr. M. Kamran Azim

Professor, Dean (Faculty of Life Sciences), HOD (Biosciences)

Dr. Asim Imdad Wagan

Associate Professor, Associate Dean (Faculty of Computing & Engineering)

Dr. Shujaat Mubarik

Associate Professor, Associate Dean (Faculty of Business Administration & Social Sciences)

Dr. Shaukat Wasi

Associate Professor, HOD (Computer Science)

Dr. Khaliq-ur-Rahman Raazi

Associate Professor, HOD (Computer Systems Engineering)

Dr. Ghazanfar Monir


Dr. Syed Muhammad Noaman Ahmed Shah

Assistant Professor, HOD (Management Science)

Dr. Shafiq Ur Rehman

Professor, HOD (Economics)

Dr. Aziz-ur-Rehman Saifee

Associate Professor, HOD (Social Sciences)

Dr. Kashif Ishaque

Associate Professor, Director - ORIC

Dr. Syed Imran Jami

Associate Professor, Director - Research & Academics

Dr. Munir Hussain

Associate Professor, Director - QEC

Dr. Shahid Hassan Shahid

Associate Professor

Dr. Syed Hasnain Alam Kazmi

Assistant Professor

Dr. Syed Qutubuddin Ahmed

Assistant Professor, Director - Graduate Studies (Computing & Engineering)

Dr. Farhan Javed Bukhari

Assistant Professor

Dr. Rizwan-ul-Hassan

Assistant Professor

Dr. Huma Jawed

Assistant Professor

Dr. Khitab Gul

Senior Lecturer

Dr. Syed Asad Hussain

Assistant Professor

Dr. Asmat Ara

Assistant Professor

Dr. Qazi M. Adnan Hye

Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Rajah Rasiah

Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Rudra Panday

Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Mashhood Qazi

Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Navaz Naghavi

Adjunct Faculty

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