Orientation Fall 2018

Orientation Fall 2018

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Orientation Home

Welcome to Fresher of Fall 2018!

Congratulations on your admission to Mohammad Ali Jinnah University!

Mohammad Ali Jinnah University is gearing up for the Fall 2018 semester by hosting new students’ orientation designed to give incoming students the edge they need to start the year off with success.

Orientation is your official welcome to Mohammad Ali Jinnah University. During Orientation, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with peers, get to know the campus and see the best that your faculty and MAJU have to offer.

As a MAJU student, you’re joining a community of current students, alumni, professors and staff at Pakistan’s fastest-growing university, and we have events and programs to help you feel right at home.

Orientation for Fresher of Fall 2018 shall be held on Saturday, September 15, 2018. Classes shall commence from Monday, September 17, 2018.

We’re so excited for you to join us at MAJU Orientation on Saturday, September 15!

About Orientation

Our Mission
We believe that Orientation is an opportunity for new students to experience a balanced introduction to the academic, social and community aspects of university life with the guidance and support of upper-year students.

Orientation is an opportunity to officially welcome new students and showcase our faculties, departments, academic programs, support services and people.
Orientation fosters pride and connection to Mohammad Ali Jinnah University.

Orientation supports upper-year students in developing their interpersonal and leadership skills.

Guiding Statement
Mohammad Ali Jinnah University believes in preparing students to have intellectual, cultural and social realization. Orientation creates an exceptional opportunity for new students to have this experience. We create an inclusive community that values interconnection, diversity and independence.

Together, our staff, faculty and upper-year students created a framework for knowledge enhancement that empowers students, invites self-discovery and choice in ways that challenge, support and invite progression and growth. Our simple and responsive approach ensures that everyone is well informed and understands the value of Orientation in successful student transition and sends a clear message to know what it is to feel that you belong and what it means to have university and faculty pride.

Learning Outcomes
Upon the successful completion of Orientation, we want the students

to feel

  • a part of the Mohammad Ali Jinnah University
  • a part of their faculty community

to have the opportunity to

  • reflect on their feelings transitioning to the Mohammad Ali Jinnah University
  • meet student front-runners from their faculty
  • meet other students new to the Mohammad Ali Jinnah University
  • meet staff and professors in their faculty

to have a stronger understanding of

  • the academic expectations in their faculty
  • where to go for help with their academics
  • what Academic Integrity means at the Mohammad Ali Jinnah University and how they can uphold these expectations and policies
  • how to navigate campus
  • the Federation of Students and the services provided by their Student Government
  • key campus systems including: Email System, Portal, and the MAJU website
  • what opportunities exist to get involved at the Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, and the importance of maintaining a balanced lifestyle
  • how Mohammad Ali Jinnah University can support them in their transition and their ongoing development as a student

Orientation Schedule