Dr. Shahnillah Haider Rizvi (PhD UoK, Pakistan)

Assistant Professor

Dr. Shahnillah Haider Rizvi is a mathematician with over eight years of experience at leading academic institutions including University of Karachi and NED University of Engineering and Technology, teaching students from various social and cultural backgrounds, along with constructive and effective teaching methods that promote a stimulating learning environment. She is offering her services as a reviewer of prestigious international journals. She has a number of research papers to her credit, published in HEC approved national and international journals. She is currently serving as an Assistant Professor, member of Board of Faculty in the Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Computing at Muhammad Ali Jinnah University, Karachi.

PhDApplied MathematicsUniversity of Karachi, Karachi2020
MPhilApplied MathematicsUniversity of Karachi, Karachi2015
MScApplied MathematicsUniversity of Karachi, Karachi2009
BScApplied MathematicsUniversity of Karachi, Karachi2008
  1. Climate Modeling;
  2. Geostatistical Analysis ;
  3. Remote Sensing and GIS
  1. Calculus and Analytical Geometry;
  2. Differential Equations;
  3. Advanced Mathematical Techniques;
  4. Numerical Analysis;
  5. Mathematical Methods;
  6. Complex Variable and Fourier Series;
  7. Advanced Calculus & Linear Algebra;
  8. Business Mathematics;
  9. Probability and Statistics;

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