Mr. Syed Sarmad Ali (PhD Scholar BIAA, China)

Senior Lecturer

Syed Sarmad Ali currently pursuing his Ph.D. degree in Software Engineering from Software Engineering Institute (SEI), Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronauts (Beihang University), Beijing, P.R.C. His research mainly focuses on Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms (MOEAs) using Co-evolution in Search Based Software Engineering. He received Outstanding Academic Year Award from Beijing Government in the year 2019. He received his MS degree from Coventry University, Coventry (West-Midlands), United Kingdom. Apart from working in industry (both national and international), he served as an Assistant Professor for seven years in The University of Lahore, Pakistan. His main research interest includes Search based Software Engineering, Software Effort Estimation using Co-evolutionary algorithms, Improving Estimation Accuracy Prediction using Ensemble Models, Software Requirement Engineering, and Software Maintenance.

PhD ScholarSoftware EngineeringBeijing Institute of Aeronautics & Astronauts (Beihang University), Beijing, P.R.C
MSITMCoventry University, Coventry, West-Midlands, Coventry, U.K2011
BSComputer EngineeringSir Syed University of Engineering & Technology2009
  1. MOEAs using Co-evaluation in search-based software engineering;
  2. Software Effort Estimation using Meta Heuristic Algorithm;
  3. Requirement Engineering and Software Maintenance;
  4. Improving Software Project Estimation Accuracy Prediction using Ensemble Models
  1. Human Computer Interaction ;
  2. Software Project Management

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