Merit Scholarships For New Undergraduate Admissions

Scholarship DetailsContinuation Starts from 2nd Semester
Sr.#On Intermediate PercentageOn A-Level Grades1st Semester Scholarship (in Tuition Fee)GPAIn Tuition Fee
180% or Above“3 As OR2 As and 1 B”100 %4.0100 %
275% to 79.9%“1 A and 2 Bs OR 3 Bs OR1 A, 1B and 1C”75 %3.90 – 3.9950 %
370% to 74.9%“1 A and 2 Cs OR 2 Bs and 1 C OR1 B and 2 Cs “50 %3.75 – 3.8925 %

Merit Scholarships For New Career Transit And Graduate Admissions

Scholarship DetailsContinuation Starts from 2nd Semester
Sr.#On Graduation PercentageOn CGPA1st Semester Scholarship (in Tuition Fee)GPAIn Tuition Fee
180% or Above3.50 or Above50 %4.0100 %
3.90 to 3.9950 %
270.0 % to 79.9%3.00 or 3.4925 %3.75 to 3.8925 %

Other Waivers

For All ProgramsWaiver on Admission FeeWaiver on Tuition Fee
1.Professional BodiesICMAP, ACCA, PIPFA Members and Students33 %10 %
2.WMOWorld Memon Organization100 %20 %
3.MoU BasedOrganizations having MoUs with MAJU75 %25 %
4.MAJU AlumniMAJU Alumnus100 %25 %
5.KinshipKinship (Only academically senior real brother or sister)25 %
6.PGCPGC Students/ Alumni and Allied Schools Alumni25 %
7.Faculty Members & Staff5 Years Satisfactory Service100 %50 %
8.Faculty Members & Staff3 Years Satisfactory Service100 %25 %

Qarz-e-Hasana, Contingency and Disabled

1.For all programs subject to maintaining of minimum CGPA and on taking full course load without any interruption of studies.
2.All application will be accepted within announced period.

Terms and Conditions

    The following conditions shall be applicable:

  1. Two Scholarships cannot be availed at a time. If the student is eligible for more than one scholarship, then he/she has the right to opt any one scholarship.
  2. All those students who want to avail any of the above scholarships are required to apply for anyone on a prescribed application form available below.
  3. Subsequent continuation of scholarship in every semester is based on:
    1. Maintaining of minimum CGPA requirement of the degree program.
    2. On taking off full course load as specified for each program.
  4. Scholarships are NOT awarded:
    1. During the Summer semester.
    2. If the duration of studies exceeds normal specified duration for each program.
    3. If a student takes any regular semester break.
    4. If the total credit hours registered (after Add/Drop period) are less than full course load.
    5. No F/W/I and Repeat course in the transcript in last registered semester.
    6. Student convicted by the Discipline Committee will be ineligible for any Scholarship/Award.
  5. Incomplete application will not be accepted. University has rights to cancel any application without any notice.
  6. The University through its discretionary power has the authority to change the definition or percentage of any Scholarship, with the approval of Academic Council, and it shall be binding on all awardees.

Scholarship Application Forms