Scholarships & Financial Assistance

Merit Scholarships

Based on Intermediate Marks

CriteriaScholarship (on Tuition Fee)
80% or Above100%
75% to 79.9%75%
70% to 74.950%

Based on A Level Grades

CriteriaScholarship (on Tuition Fee)
3 As100%
2 As and 1 B100%
1 A and 2 Bs75%
3 Bs75%
1 A, 1 B, 1 C75%
1 A and 2 Cs50%
2 Bs and 1 C50%
1 B and 2 Cs50%

Based on Bachelor's Marks

CriteriaScholarship (on Tuition Fee)
80% or Above50%
70% to 79.9%25%

Academic Performance (Semester Based) Scholarship

CriteriaScholarship (on Tuition Fee)
4.00 GPA100%
3.9 to 3.99 GPA50%
3.75 to 3.89 GPA25%

Scholarship for Professional Bodies
For Professional Bodies Members / Students

Scholarship (In Admission Fee)Scholarship (on Tuition Fee)

Scholarship For World Memon Organization
For World Memon Organization - WMO Sponsored Student

Scholarship (In Admission Fee)Scholarship (on Tuition Fee)

Scholarship for SBT Students

Scholarship (In Admission Fee)Scholarship (on Tuition Fee)

Scholarship to MAJU Alumnus

Scholarship (In Admission Fee)Scholarship (on Tuition Fee)

Scholarship to PGC Students

Scholarship (on Tuition Fee)

Scholarship on Kinship
(Only Academically senior real brother or sister will be eligible for this scholarship, further, they must be registered in the same semester. )

Scholarship (on Tuition Fee)

Financial Loan Qarz-e-Hasna

For all Programs
Required evidence(s) and eligibility criteria is mentioned on application
form Scholarship is subject to approval of Financial Aid Committee

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The fee is subject to revision based on annual inflation rates.
  2. All those students who want to avail any of the above scholarships are required to apply for anyone on a prescribed application form available below.
  3. Subsequent continuation of scholarship in every semester is based on:
    1. Maintaining of minimum CGPA requirement of the degree program.
    2. On taking off full course load as specified for each program.
  4. Scholarships are NOT awarded:
    1. During the Summer semester.
    2. If the duration of studies exceeds normal specified duration for each program.
    3. If a student takes any regular semester break.
    4. If the total credit hours registered (after Add/Drop period) are less than full course load.
  5. Two Scholarships cannot be availed at a time. If the student is eligible for more than one scholarship, then he/she has the right to opt any one scholarship.
  6. Incomplete application will not be accepted. University has rights to cancel any application without any notice.