The Student Affairs Office offers a variety of services to students and facilitates their co-curricular activities. This office functions as a friendly guide to students, addressing their needs from the time they make the first inquiry regarding admission in the University till they graduate. At Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, we not only provide opportunities involving academic challenges to the youth, but also offer excellent facilities with the sole purpose of enriching the minds and lives of students. The University helps to promote the intellectual, cultural, personal and social development of our students while enhancing their physical well being. The Student Affairs office is manned with an efficient and courteous staff that helps to facilitate students from the day they seek admission. Information and guidelines are dispensed to students by the Student Affairs Office besides providing counseling, arranges student identification tags and bus passes, and explains rules and regulations. An important function of this office is to promote extra-curricular activities amongst the students by providing them healthy outlets in sports and games and furnish them with forums so that they may cultivate their literary and artistic potential and make their stay at campus a rich experience of multi-dimensional growth.

CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: The University is fully aware of the need for Co-curricular activities along with academic events, important to the development of a well-balanced personality. The establishment of societies and clubs allows students to explore their talent and nurture awareness in them about the professional world. Mohammad Ali Jinnah University assists students in planning activities that promote and enhance communication and leadership skills among the students. Students who are academically outstanding and willing to share their knowledge for the cause of community development represent these societies.
The primary objective of these societies and clubs is to provide a platform for students to enhance their intellectual and professional capabilities by arranging seminars, conferences, competitions, conducting workshops and other activities to promote their exposure to the managerial world. The activities of these societies and clubs help to encourage professional and personal development of students. Furthermore, these societies and clubs provide opportunities for entertainment and sporting activities for recreation and development of a competitive yet balanced personality.

Seminars and Workshops
Regular seminars are held at the campus to provide students with a professional know-how of what is happening around the world. Experts from the corporate and public sectors are frequently invited to share their knowledge and experiences with the students, which in turn helps them to identify their career options. Workshop-related activities on social and sensitive issues in collaboration with different organizations are also carried out to motivate students’ interest in fulfilling their moral obligations towards society.

Student Advisor
Selecting a proper credit hour load of subjects is one of the toughest and the most important decisions a student has to make. The University facilitates this process through ‘Student Advisors’; highly dedicated professionals who are keen and willing to provide guidance in areas such as examination anxiety, subject selection, assertiveness and advice on special needs.

Career Counseling
Career counseling plays an important role in every student’s academic direction. The University, realizes its responsibility and has appointed specialized staff to provide career guidance in three main areas, namely, personality development, career identification and selection of the field of specialization within that career. The counselors help students, especially, new entrants in developing confidence and strength to overcome personal problems. They also provide them with necessary help and information to make a conscious judgment in matters related to career identification and specialized field selection.

Community Service
Students are assigned tasks in the form of projects such as conducting fire-fighting training, tree plantation campaigns, office automation, community sales, imparting basic computer skills and public relations training to hospitals, railways, police and other similar institutions. In addition, specially tailored programs for non-computer professionals like doctors, health workers, engineers and educators are also held. Advice is also given to schools and hospitals on infrastructure layouts.

Training sessions and workshops are organized in collaboration with different organizations in order to create general awareness about changing technology in the world. A number of workshops and seminars are held to provide training facilities for the staff on basic issues related to HRD, Finance, Marketing, IT and Management.

Placement Center
Mohammad Ali Jinnah University graduates have the repute of being in great demand with both local and national employers; the Placement Center organizes information sessions and seminars regularly for multinational and local agencies to develop their human resource base. Internship opportunities are identified for students through this center and it also provides information on graduate studies. The Placement Center places tremendous emphasis on industry linkages and liaises with employment agencies in order to find work placement for our graduating students.
Alumni Association.

The University lays great importance to maintain a link with its graduates so as to keep them informed of new academic opportunities being offered by the University from time to time.
Interaction through the Alumni Association also helps the University to solicit information on preferred skills and programs sought by the industry. This enables the University to regularly update its curriculum.

Physically Challenged Students
Mohammad Ali Jinnah University warmly welcomes physically challenged students. Students in wheelchairs would find many helping hands of fellow students along with wide doors and open corridors for their convenience. Those having any specific need can discuss their requirement with the Director Student Affairs.

Foreign Students
We welcome foreign students at Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, as per rules and regulations of the Government of Pakistan. Foreign students are required to ensure that their documents are verified by the relevant authorities and that their embassy has granted them the necessary permission to study in Pakistan.

Sports Facilities
Mohammad Ali Jinnah University Karachi believes that a competent human resource also requires a healthy body and sound mind. Therefore, as part of our core curriculum Mohammad Ali Jinnah University Karachi, engages its students in competing and demonstrating their skills and competency in the field of sports.

MAJU actively participates in different events and has won numerous positions and awards.